Test Automation

Test automation services include test automation planning, tools selection, test environment setup, test data preparation, test scripts development and maintenance, test reporting. For +6 years, EvoPoint offers full-range test automation services to help companies optimize testing time and costs and successfully shift testing left.

Let’s see an overview of the benefits of having test automation with us:

  • -2

    Testing cost

  • -18

    Testing time

  • 0

    Severe defects in production

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Highlights of Our Test Automation Services

Optimized test automation costs

Optimized test automation costs

EvoPoint test automation experts maximize the ROI of your test automation project by outlining the most feasible test automation coverage.

Business-friendly timelines

Business-friendly timelines

Getting into your project and test automation needs – within 1-3 days. Setting up the test environment, writing test scenarios and test scripts, starting automated testing activities – within 3 weeks. Fitting all release and regression tests into 2-week iteration deadlines.

KPIs-based approach to testing quality

KPIs-based approach to testing quality

To ensure the high performance of our test automation team, EvoPoint tracks the testing efficiency against a tailored set of KPIs and provides regular reports on their fulfillment.


Find Your Service Option

An automation testing company with +6 years of experience in the domain, EvoPoint can introduce test automation infrastructure tailored to your software specifics and quickly develop easily maintainable test suites.

Test automation consulting

EvoPoint analyzes your software requirements, current testing strategy and plan, testing scenarios and outlines the optimal test automation coverage for your project.

Test automation outsourcing

EvoPoint decides on the test automation strategy and coverage, prioritizing test cases that are applicable for test automation.

Process review and optimization

EvoPoint outlines the optimal test coverage with a balanced mix of manual and automated testing.

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Test Automation Setup Plan


Test automation planning

Analyze your project and software specifics to outline the optimal test automation coverage.


Test environment setup

Select fitting automated testing tools or develop a custom test automation framework. In collaboration with DevOps professionals, integrate test automation with a CI/CD pipeline.


Test data preparation

EvoPoint’s test automation engineers analyze the specifics of your software and the characteristics of data it handles (e.g., data volume, the number of supported data formats) to automatically generate the test data.


Automated testingAutomated testing

Create test scenarios and test cases. Write relevant test scripts. Develop a keyword-driven and/or a data-driven testing framework to streamline creating automated tests and their maintenance.


Execution and reportings

In this phase is where the validation of the product using various testing techniques takes place, as well as the documentation of defects and test results.


TCoE setup

EvoPoint can help introduce an in-house testing center of excellence (TCoE) to centralize test automation practices through corporate testing projects by setting up a company-wide test automation environment.