QA Outsourcing

QA outsourcing implies handing over the responsibility for testing process management and the quality of outcomes to a reliable vendor.

Software testing outsourcing allows organizations to optimize testing costs, release internal resources, gain access to world-class QA methodologies and tools, and improve the general QA maturity level.

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Service Options We Offer

Product-level QA outsourcing

Choose this option, if you need to close a gap in the QA and software testing competencies or resources for one project.

Multi-product QA outsourcing

Opt for this option, if you need to reinforce your QA and software testing on a variety of projects.

Complete QA outsourcing

With this option, you won’t need internal QA resources at all – we provide all-embracing and full-cycle QA support.

Transformational QA outsourcing

This option best suites the companies seeking to boost their QA process maturity.

Your need is not on the list?

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Here are some reasons to turn to Outsourced QA

An optimal QA team

An optimal QA team

With outsourced QA and software testing, you get the team of a precisely needed number and expertise. A service provider takes off the burden of both looking for a qualified QA professional or a test engineer and educating the existing ones to obtain competence in the project specific testing types or tools.

A fresh approach

A fresh approach

A quality assurance outsourcing company can introduce an outside perspective and a set of professional practices that tend to be several-fold more effective than just relying on your in-house resources.

Predictable costs

Predictable costs

Getting a professional team of balanced number and qualifications along with transparent quotes helps to make the QA and testing budget coherent and predictable.