Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) services help enable structured data-driven decision-making across the company.

An experienced provider of BI solutions, ScienceSoft integrates multi-source data and applies analytics techniques to automatically extract insights from the input records.

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Data extraction

This service consists of extracting data from different sources, including databases, applications and systems, so that they can be used in subsequent analysis.

Data analysis

Once the data has been transformed and integrated, it can be analyzed to obtain valuable information. This service focuses on data analysis to identify patterns and trends, and make informed decisions.

Data integration

Often companies have multiple data sources that are not integrated. This service focuses on unifying and combining different data sets to create a more complete data set.

Data mining

This service focuses on discovering significant patterns, trends and relationships within our partners’ data, using advanced data mining techniques.

Data visualization

This service focuses on the creation of advanced and personalized data visualizations that allow our partners to better understand and analyze the data.

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Data Scientist Associate Certifications

Data Scientist Associate Certifications

  • Power BI Data Analyst AssociatePower BI Data Analyst Associate
  • Azure Enterprise Data Analyst AssociateAzure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate
  • Azure Database Administrator AssociateAzure Database Administrator Associate
  • Azure Data Scientist AssociateAzure Data Scientist Associate
  • Azure Data Engineer AssociateAzure Data Engineer Associate